Monday, December 14, 2009

My current top five

1) Being introduced to Vonnegut. Umm, why didn't I read him before? Must go out and read every book he ever wrote.

2) As soon as I finish these. The arrival of the New York Times 10 best books of 2009. :) My favorite time of year.

3) Vaughn, my favorite blogger over at Mindhack's, response to news that the publication of the DSM 5 is getting pushed back:

owing to the recent shitstorm over our behind-closed-doors policy and strident criticism from past committee members about the scientific quality of our review process, we've decided we need a bit of breathing space."

I couldn't agree with him more in his hopes that this postponement will be used to actually get the best scientific backing for what they are proposing.

4) Discovering Tina Dico and her amazing album A Beginning A Detour An Open Ending

A few of her songs can get a little "I'm telling a story with music in the background and not actually singing" (can you blame here, she wrote all the lyrics for this very long album over a frenzied autumn), but for the most part they are gems.

5) Slowing down, and capturing this:

I promise he doesn't always look this angelic.

What's your top 5?