Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our love

I will make the lie easy for you
I’ll make it so that you don’t even have to say it

Look away when the tear rolls down my face though
You owe me that much

And I’ll stop asking what happens to those painters hands when their not enmeshed in mine

If only this love wasn’t so fragile
And I so weak that I tiptoe around it and whisper in its presence
afraid of what happens when it realizes it could do better

afraid it will never flourish under my green thumb
I’ve watered it
What more do you need, sweet love?

I’ve beat you up
I’ve cherised you
And now I lay rosebeds around you to shelter your fall

What more do you need, sweet love?

I’ve forgotten myself in my efforts to protect you

And I’ve wandered around with the pieces, looking for a way to repair it
Which way to the mender?
They told me I’d get there if I looked hard enough
And stopped asking those questions

So I’ll lay with you and feel your breath on my neck
And for tonight I won’t ask you whose nape your vapor grazes when I’m not with you
And for tonight, you won’t tell me any lies