Friday, December 10, 2010

Should you be telling me this? Also, is this real?

We'll, my pessimistic/realistic self was a little surprised when after only a week of turning in my app to schools I get a phone call from one of the professors I want to work with. I won't say who, and I won't say where (cryptic I know). We talked for about an hour and a half and this professor told me things I was little shocked to hear. Also, I scored an interview! I'll be flying out in February, so wish me luck! In the meantime, I'll impart what I've learned, because yes, I learned a lot from my phone conversation, some of which I don't know if I should even know.

1) GRE scores may not matter as much as I thought- fit with a professor for a clinical program really seems to matter a lot more.

2) If applying a more researchy school, stop talking about clinical stuff!

3) apparently, if you have a partner applying to the same school, a professor that wants you may put in a call to have your partner's application "seriously considered"

4) if you think you blew a phone interview- you may be wrong!

5) professors get drunk during a weekend of interviews. They don't expect you to. Graduate students get drunk, they expect you to as well.

6) being a minority works in you favor- and whatever, I'll take it.

This is all very vague I know, but I don't want to put anything in jeopardy or to be honest put anything out in the universe because I might not get into any schools.

Needless to say, a small part of me is squealing. I could actually become Dr. Cruz!

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