Thursday, August 25, 2011

I could do Worse than You

I could do worse than stand at the edge with you holding your hand
Easy on the eyes and careless like the Hortensia

At other times Discombobulated and gasping for words

As they wheeze out into the hot summer air infected with mosquitoes begging for the warmth of you

I don’t know how to ask
Or how to help

All I know is I notice the dribble of sweat making its way down from your forehead glistening with rage
Or is it from your eyes that have seen too much of this world
And not enough of that heavenly planet where angels reside
Does it exist?

I could do worse than hope for it.

I could do worse than skip around from branch to branch looking for you
Creating an executive correspondence with the wind which can travel much farther than even my hardest run to search for you

And I suppose I could do worse than ask the yet living what it feels like to rejoice in your joy and wallow in your sorrows as my gaze stops even the strongest stampede

I am a warrior now
I will not stop
I could do worse than you.

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