Sunday, January 29, 2012

this is what you do when you're heartbroken and you're me

1) youtube on repeat (please don’t break, I know its 14374384584058 of playing this song)

2) stare off into space

3) pack up any reminders of him (this can get difficult)

4) cry

5) sleep, or lay in bed staring at ceiling at 3 am.

6) think of what to say

7) drink. This leads too…

8) text. Fuck me. and

9) call. Fuck me.

10) go out. Im over it! Cry again. Fuck me again

11) tell friend 1 about it, tell friend 2, friend 3, friend 4, friend 1 again. Did I tell you?

12) get angry. Fuck you this time

13) fuck plucking my eyebrows, fuck painting my nails

14) don’t eat. Then eat too much

15) ill work out, ill feel better. New hobby time! This is awkward. Fuck

16) you tube again…

If I don’t laugh at myself, who will?

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