Sunday, September 30, 2012

For Allen

America, Allen addressed you in 1956, why haven’t you cleaned up your act?
America, we’re both tired.
America, the human war still hasn’t ended, what’s wrong with you?
Exchanging names of countries and wars like were giant chess players

I woke up today and realized you’re a horrible lover, full of fake promises and excuses for why you can’t get it up.
Don’t be surprised when I cheat on you.
Stop debating with yourself, you look stupid.

America, gas is four dollars and eighteen cents today
Where is your halo?
America, guess what?
I have a vagina.
I’m not sorry.

America, sweet land of the free, when will you stop politicizing my body?
Do you want that too?
America, go fuck yourself.

America why won’t you educate your children?
You gave birth to them.
Why do you make us stand in lines, holding picket signs, begging for scraps?
What we have done to you?

Why do you delegitimize my family who’s given you everything and now has nothing
Simply because they weren’t born in your womb.
America, they fed you.

America you’re filling up the oceans with shit and you’ve stopped going to space
You’re like an old beer bellied retired baseball player who talks about his winning runs and has nothing else to show for his days of glory except for dusty pictures stored in the attic

Is this who you want to be, America?
What will the neighbors think?

America I can’t breathe anymore and I can’t find a job.
I followed your directions down to a T.
Where’s your end of the bargain?

America, people are debating your fate
Will you show up for the verdict?
America, I hope you do.

(Based on Allen Ginsberg's poem America)

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